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Best Thermal Paste 2018

Best Thermal Paste 2018

Nearly everyone who has ever been in contact with a PC knows that it heats up. It just does. Now, you don’t want to ruin it especially if you custom built that with hours of research put into it. Therefore, today we will be telling you how to deal with this issue. In simple words, the answer is best thermal paste 2018. Let’s take a deep look at it!


A thermal paste is a greyish material that helps cool down a PC to around 10°C, depending on the type of paste you are using. Your PC might have the perfect cooler and what not, but you will still need a thermal paste to fill in the minute gaps in between the components for an overall high performance.

There are various types of thermal pastes available in the market. These include metal, ceramic, silicon, and carbon-based. Let’s discuss them a little before we serve the main course:

First and foremost, avoid using adhesive pastes because they will stick to whatever they touch. Normally, people upgrade their PCs or at least replace some of their parts after some time.

Metal-based thermal pastes provide the best thermal conduction but are also capacitive. So, you will have to be very careful where you put the paste and avoid contact with metallic components on your motherboard.

Ceramic pastes are cheaper, easy to use, but do not give as good results as compared to metal-based pastes. However, they are still very popular and majorly used.

Compared to these two, the least effective would be silicon thermal pastes because they are available in pre-applied thermal pads form which only do a decent job at lowering the temperature.



The Arctic has produced some of the best thermal pastes in the market. The whole game changed when Arctic MX-1 was introduced since it was thought that only non-metallic thermal pastes can give the best performance. The best thing about the company is that it listens to its customers. MX-1 was thick so MX-2 got thinner. MX-3 got a little too much on the pricey side so Arctic came up with the optimum solution: Arctic MX-4 which gives the same results as MX-3, but is easier to spread and lighter on the pocket.  


The 4g syringe shows you how much product is left. It is a non-metallic thermal compound which means it is non-conductive and non-capacitive. Moreover, it is non-bleeding and non-curing which means that it can last up to 8 years and doesn’t need a specific set of heating time until it can perform it’s very best.

The formula consists of carbon micro-particles that guarantee excellent heat dissipation from GPU and CPU. It comes at a very competitive price to give you the ideal PC performance. However, we advise the overclockers to use something a little bit stronger for the ultimate results.


There you go, our top pick for 2018! If you do decide to buy this one, we’re sure you will be more than glad to have invested in it. It has a long lifetime and gives your CPU and GPU maximum performance.

So, what do you think about our review? Do let us know in the comments!


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