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NASA To Launch Its SuperTIGER Balloon On December 10 To Study Heavy Cosmic Particles
A science team in Antarctica is preparing to loft a balloon-borne instrument to collect information on cosmic rays, high-energy particles from beyond the solar system that enters Earth’s atmosphere every moment of every day. The instrument, called the Super Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder (SuperTIGER), is designed to study rare heavy nuclei, which hold clues about…
New 2018 Polo GTI Reveals By Volkswagen
Recently one of the leading car maker Volkswagen has revealed its all-new 2018 Polo GTI which is based on the new sixth-generation Polo. The 2018 Polo GTI comes with the Volkswagen’s new EA888 engine series, and its fuel capacity will be 2.0-litre. It is four-cylinder direct injection turbo-petrol engine. This new engine will replace the…
NASA’s CATS Ends Successful Mission After 33 Months
A spaceborne lidar instrument that fired more laser pulses than any previous orbiting instrument has ended its operations on the International Space Station, after a successful 33-month mission. NASA’s Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS) lidar provided measurements of the vertical structure of clouds and aerosols, volcanic eruptions, man-made pollution in China and India, smoke from wildfires in…

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