With the outbreak of unemployment, several graduates were forced to remain unemployed due to the shortage of jobs. Young talent was wasted on an enormous scale. Freelancing came into play here. It gave an opportunity to the young professionals to gain work experience. They were earning simultaneously. What if they still had a chance? Employment awaits them.

The mechanics and engineers of the automotive industry who graduated were hit harder than anticipated. Not only were their job positions full, they practically had no way of getting a job. Let’s be honest, how often have you wanted the help of a stand-alone engineer than wanting the help of the “specialized and trained individuals” over at your local dealership? They’re supposed to be given specific and specialized jobs which would be generic to their profession, knowledge, and training. This leaves the automotive engineers in a very tight spot to work even as freelancers.

While the jobs for them where nowhere to be found, there was a shortage of automotive engineer in the US. The only option was crowdsourcing. This is when the freelancing websites came to the aid of unemployed automotive engineers. The situation in the US meant that manufacturers would look to the web to post project-based freelance opportunities since they’d have to open bidding from other countries. Not only did it allow the engineers to work and gain job experience, but it also allowed them not to wear the shackles of a 9-5 job. It gave them the freedom to work to their wish and conditions.

Importance & Role of Freelancing:

Freelancing meant that even if the engineers didn’t get a job in the production sector, they could still get jobs elsewhere based on their qualification. It gave them the means to earn a living. They could still be an engineer, but freelance as maybe an artist, or a writer, or even a tech analyst. They could practically pursue their passion without having to sacrifice their qualification.

Despite the fact that they are certified professionals, may still roam the streets unemployed. Freelancing helped them build upon themselves. Automotive engineers where hired to make AUTO-CAD designs for US-based firms. High quality renders – 3D and graphic design – have been in great demand. Automobile engineering is a combination of mechanical, electrical and logical engineering. It incorporates the best of them and helps in judging calculations, designs, and 3D models. Engineers unable to leave a mark on the engineering freelance market finally take up creative talents. Some took up content creating and were very successful.

Freelance websites have helped engineers get jobs and earn a living. Demand and Supply of talent are huge here in India. Truelancer alone reported around 40,000 engineers signed-up and working. We expect the numbers to be slightly more on other websites due to the broader region control under them.

What’s next?

Automotive engineers get a ton of choices as to what they want to freelance for – writing, directing, creating, sales, HR, designing, business model, rendering, content creation, 3D modeling and what not. To grow and build a reputation, they need a mix of social networking skills to market themselves. They help in the endorsement. Their quality of work, experience, global networking, portfolios and past projects are their marketing mix. Reaching such standards takes time, diligence and smart-work.

These are just the indicators that define what freelancing means to automotive engineers and mechanics. Not only do they feel safer, but the combined work-flow also makes them happy. This points towards a better and more prosperous future for all the young unemployed automotive engineers out there. Considering their numbers are increasing at an exponential rate.

This isn’t the end of automotive engineers career-wise. I propose this is just the start. They’re growing as experienced individuals ready to take on the challenges ahead of them. If non-skilled individuals are working hard and earning breathtakingly well with no prior knowledge, skillset or experience. I am pretty sure our engineers would undoubtedly be able to take on this at a much higher rate. They plan their future while freelancing.

With all that’s happening around, with technological advancements and digital upbringing, the future for automotive engineers and mechanics does not look bleak to me. In fact, I think they’re ready to take on the future, prepared.


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