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General Motors To Introduce Self-Driving Cars By 2019


With development of Artificial Intelligence, the race for making Autonomous Vehicles is getting warmer. As per the new report, now General Motors is planning to join the race. General Motors has recently announced that it will soon start the autonomous-driving ride-sharing service in San Francisco by 2019. The company has further announced that the service will be extended to the other big cities later stage.  The company says the service will give stiff competition to Ford which is planning to the self-driving cars in 2021, Waymo and Uber. Soon all the companies will start their autonomous car driving services.

GM President Daniel Ammann informed that “We can tell you today – if we continue on the current rate of change, we’ll be ready to deploy this technology at large scale in the most complex environments, in 2019.”

GM will develop autonomous cars which can run giving more safety to the owners. The cars will come with a software and it can be used to request a car.

Chief Financial Officer Chuck Stevens informed that “There’s a very real potential that this business is bigger than our current business – at better margins and higher returns.”

As per the report, GM had earned a net $ 9.4 billion of $166.4 billion in revenue in 2016. But this could be a good business opportunity and all thanks to the modern technology and internet.

“Transportation as a service penetration is in the very early stages,” Ammann informed. “Ride-share is only 0.1% of all U.S. miles driven. We still have 99.9% of the opportunity in front of us.”

General Motors thinks that the company has the ability to achieve the goals as it has several reasons for this. One Reason is it has been making cars since many years, and another reason is the company recently added self-driving expertise in the form of Cruise, a San Francisco-based startup which was acquired in 2016 by General Motors.



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