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Honda Teases Gran Turismo; ‘Baby NSX’ With Better Features


Since many years various rumors have been informed that Honda was developing something extraordinary, new, small and mid-engine sports car and that will be named as Baby NSX. Now the report comes as true as Honda recently unveiled officially its Baby NXS. As pee another information,  Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo has built for a video game, Kazunori-San’s seminal driving simulator and the concept matches almost with heard rumors Baby NSX.

Talking more about this Honda Said “Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo” brings to life the design direction of Honda, “Human Centered Design.” This is a human-centric way of thinking that is brought to life in the package design, where the position of the passengers, engine, and tires determines the shape of the car’s structure. The proportions of the car that makes it look as though it is about to propel itself forward, the clean-cut body and the powerful front and rear fenders that spreads wide with air intakes, and wheels that combine function and beauty; all these things that are expected of a sports car, are expressed in the strong sense of presence emitted by the car.

As per the information, its engine is powered by a DOHC-VTEC four-cylinder turbocharged engine. It can produce 4040 Horsepower at 7,500rpm. An eight-speed dual clutch transmission helps the wheels to rotate transferring the power to the wheels. The car’s concept will be built by carbon fiber weighing around 1989 pound.

Many designers from all over the world fought to give style to Vision GT, but the automaker’s Los Angeles studio team won that chance. Later some designers from Japan and the US joined in the competition and gave their best to design its seating position to the engine setup and tires setup.




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