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Intel And Warner Bros Ties Hand To Develop Immersive Experiences In AI Cars


Intel recently has announced about its collaboration with Entertainment Company Warner Bros. to develop in-cabin, immersive experiences in autonomous vehicle (AV) settings.

Intel is now planning to develop a first-of-its-kind proof-of-concept car to demonstrate what entertainment in the vehicle could look like in the future. The Intel 100-car test fleet, the vehicle will showcase the potential for entertainment in an autonomous driving world.

The recent transportation surveys indicate the average American spends more than 300 hours per year behind the wheel. So in that situation introduction of this type of driving experience will give them more excitement and comfortable driving experience.

The in-cabin virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) innovations will help a the fan of the superhero Batman could enjoy riding in the Batmobile through the streets of Gotham City, while AR capabilities render the car a literal lens to the outside world, enabling passengers to view advertising and other discovery experiences.

CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich said “We believe the technology Intel is bringing to market is not simply about enjoying the ride – it is about saving lives. In fact, autonomous systems are the logical extension of seat belts, air bags and anti-lock braking systems. And the Mobileye ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) technology on the road today is already saving lives. Current ADAS products from Mobileye have proven to reduce accidents by 30 percent, saved 1,400 lives, prevented 450,000 crashes and saved $10 billion in economic losses. However, we cannot stop there. Our long-term goal has to be zero driving-related fatalities.”

He further stated that “to this end, Intel is collaborating with the industry and policymakers on how safety performance is measured and interpreted for autonomous cars. Setting clear rules for fault in advance will bolster public confidence and clarify liability risks for consumers and the automotive and insurance industries.”




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