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Mercedes-Benz reveals 2018 Mercedes A-Class Luxury Interior


Recently Mercedes-Benz unveiled some images of its new 2018 A-Class car. The images showcase the luxury interior of the vehicle, and it gives a more premium look to the car. The new 2018 A-Class car comes with brand new design. As per the report, the design is based on the design what the larger models have like the new E-Class and S-Class.

One of the best-selling cars of the Mercedes-Benz is its A-Class model. Last year, from 168,000 Mercedes cars around 40,000 cars sold in the UK. Now, the new 2018 fourth generation car will be launched in March 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show.

“Some people want a small car because they live in a city or need to save space, but they still want to have all the luxury features and options. This is a luxury design for compact cars. Small doesn’t have to be non-premium,” stated Christoph Eberlein, Mercedes’ compact cars product manager.

Inside the cabin, there are two 10.25 inch screens fitted in a line. The steering wheel also designed from the S-Class model has. The 2018 A-Class comes with three-spoke, multifunctional steering wheel. For the first time in the A-Class model, the company has given advanced seats which come with seat heating and climate control technology.  The new 2018 A-Class car will come with the upgraded boot. It has been increased by 29 liters to 370 liters.

The car will come with three trim level, i.e., entry-level style, AMG line and progressive. As per the company, the car will come with the best visibility. The company has slimmed down the A, B, and C-pillars and has given more head space in the front. The headspace has been increased to 1024mm. The company claims that two 5’10” adults can sit comfortably in the back. The company has used CAD data technology to virtually analyze the space in the car.  The company has not priced the car yet.




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