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Mitsubishi Mirage Emits Less CO₂ Than BMW 7-Series and Tesla Model S MIT: Report


Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently conducted a research and compared the lifecycle of CO2 emission of some vehicle like BMW 7 series, Mitsubishi Mirage and Tesla Model S. After the research they gave a surprising result and stated that Mitsubishi Mirage emits less CO2 and it is the most eco-friendly car. As per the report, the car emits 192 grams of CO2 in after running one kilometer. On the other side, in the Tesla Model S the researcher found the car emitting 226 grams CO2 per kilometer and the BMW 7 series emits 385 grams CO2/Km.

Since many years, before the research, the Tesla Model S has nee treated as the best electric car available in the market, but now the fact has changed as the car found releasing more CO2.

The question here is that how can an electric vehicle produce CO2 emission. TO answer this question, MIT Tranick Lab examined some factors like how much emissions were created in the vehicle’s production and how much emissions would be made when the vehicle was scrapped. They reviewed the level of energy that consumed and CO2 emission at the time of manufacture of cars and the end of the cars life cycle. The MIT’s researchers examined the CO2 emission level produced by a car which uses gasoline and the cars which run electric generated power plants or electric cars.

However, the researchers don’t want to show any negative points of an electric car. MIT Jessika Trancik said “Both hybrids and electric vehicles are better than conventional cars. emissions-intensive locations.”




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