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Patent Reveals Samsung’s Palm Scanning Feature


Samsung has been offered some useful and high-security features on its latest devices giving more security to the device. It has been introduced facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, Iris technology, pin, and pattern. Now Samsung is planning something more. The company seems to develop something for those who use a password to unlock their devices but tend to forget the password. Now they can get a hint about their password by using the latest feature what is now Samsung developing. A new patent has revealed this recently that Samsung is working on a palm-scanning technology.

As per the report, the company will enable the devices to take a picture of the user’s palm using the cameras and then the device can able to verify the identity of the user by matching the palm reading data stored in the device.

The report also says that other users will not be able to understand the password hint. The system will display the password, but it will scatter the hints across the palm lines by which other users will not get what is the device is showing.

This is now something unique feature that Samsung will bring out in future. There is no doubt that, Samsung always tries to give best to people and its users.

On the other hand, currently, the company is trying to give 3D facial scanning system to its devices. Even though till now the company has not given any detail about the progress in it, but it is expected that the company will give more effective and advances facial scanning system in its upcoming devices.

Above all, the important thing is, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S9 and a foldable Galaxy X at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 which will be held in Las Vegas. After that all things will get cleared about this and the buyers will get to know detail information about the Galaxy S9.


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