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Synaptics Announces Two New ClearView OLED Display Driver ICs


Synaptics Incorporated the leading developer of human interface solutions has recently announced the expansion of its OLED display driver IC (DDIC) portfolio with two new solutions, i.e., the R66455 and R66451. The feature-rich Synaptics  ClearView  R66455 (FHD+) and R66451 (WQHD+) DDICs leverage the company’s best-in-class imaging processing and new state-of-the-art technologies designed to enhance OLED displays. Key features of both solutions include support for extra-long displays up to 20:9, and processing for rounded corners and notch cut-outs intended for cameras and other sensors.

“Synaptics is a trusted technology leader with deep relationships at global display manufacturers, and we are pleased to announce over ten new OLED DDIC design-ins with key panel makers in China and Japan,” said Kevin Barber, senior vice president, and general manager, Mobile Division, Synaptics. “With our cutting-edge support in both touch controller and display driver technologies for OLED panels, Synaptics is uniquely positioned to win as display manufacturers ramp to support the broad OEM demand.

The feature-rich and low power ClearView R66455 and R66451 OLED DDICs include Synaptics’ latest OLED image processing technology including flexible gamma control, support for high-dynamic range (HDR), and the company’s unique sub-pixel rendering (SPR) technology. OLED performance is enhanced by Synaptics’ smooth dimming technology, round corner processing, and advanced DeMura compensation. The R66451 is available in either chip-on-film (COF) packaging for flexible/rigid displays or chip-on-plastic (COP) for flexible displays. R66455 is available in COF packaging for flexible/rigid displays.

Key Features of R66455 & R66451 OLED DDICs

R66455 (FHD+); R66451 (WQHD+)

Support for XL infinity displays up to 20:9

Support for rounded corners and notch processing

Unique high brightness mode technology (smooth transition with no flicker)

Compensation technologies: DeMura and IR drop

Multiple sub-pixel rendering (SPR) technologies

Chip-on-Film (COF) and Chip-on-Plastic (COP) packaging

Synaptics’ new ClearView OLED DDICs are sampling now with full production expected in the first-half of 2018. With this, now the smartphone maker can develop their device with 20:9 aspect ratio instead of 18:9 aspect ratio.




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