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Tiny Robots Will Be Used For Treating Diseases: Report


The technology is developing rapidly, and it is said that time will come when the AI technology will rule the world. However, today the important of robotic has gone up. For some years, the scientists have been developed some robots that can perform many difficult tasks. Adding more to it, the scientists have developed micro-robots which can be used to diagnose and deliver medicines in such areas of the body where normal medical equipment can’t reach.

As per the report, the tiny robots have been developed with magnetic particles. They can swim very well in biological fluids like diluted blood and gastric fluid. Qi Zhou from the University of Edinburgh said: “A small-scale robot that can be remotely guided, is easily tracked and harmlessly biodegrades, potentially overcomes many of the challenges faced by minimally invasive therapies.”

As per the information stated in the Journal Science Robotics, the tiny robots can also sense any chemical changes within the parts of the body. For this specification, the robots can be used for remote diagnosis.

The time taken for the robots to function and biodegrade within the body could be tailored by adjusting the thickness of their manufactured coating, the researchers said.

During a laboratory test, the scientists found that the robots while degrading releases some potent compound from the algae core. The core only attacked the cancer cells and destroyed it. It didn’t harm the healthy cells of the body. Now the researchers are examining more to know whether this might have potential as a treatment.




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