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Toyota Launches 2018 Toyota Camry in Australia; Check Out Price and Specs


One of the leading car manufacturer Toyota has recently launched its all-new model the Toyota Camry 2018 in Australia. As per the report, the starting price of the vehicle will be around $27,690. The 2018 Toyota Camry has been built in Japan and comes with a brand new model.  The car carries a v6 engine. This is the first car from Toyota which carries the new engine. The new Toyota Camry comes with brand new model grade and upgraded engine, and this has proved that the Camry Hybrid will run in the market for a longer time.

The master mind behind the car is Masato Katsumata who is the Chief Engineer of Toyota. He said that, since it entered the local market, it has gained a good reputation for its reliable and dependable. Now, people wants such type of vehicle which can match with their emotion i.e., emotional vehicle nit just a fancy car and the new Toyota Camry 2018 des the same.

“The drive-away price for the locally-made car versus the drive-away price for the new car has gone up (but) our volume aspirations are significantly less than they were for the locally made car,” said Sean Hanley, senior divisional manager for sales and marketing, Toyota.

With the brand new platform, the car comes with more space. The company has lowered the bonnet height in the car and reduced the A-pillar size to give it better visibility. The all-new V6 engine comes with an eight-speed auto transmission. The engine will give best fuel efficiency, i.e., 19 percent more fuel economy and will run 100km with just 4.2 liters fuel. The vehicle ha got a five-star ANCAP safety rating.

Hanley further said, “We believe the new Camry’s evocative styling, extra technology and value will bring new buyers to the market.”

The Camry Ascent (4-cyl) will cost around $27,690. The price of Camry Ascent (hybrid) will be around $29,990. Another model of the Camry Ascent Sport (4-cyl) will carry a price tag of $29,990. For Camry Ascent Sport (hybrid) the buyers will have to pay $31,990.  While the Camry SX (4-cyl) is priced at $33,290. The Camry SL (4-cyl) carries a price tag of $39,990. The Camry SL hybrid model priced at $40,990.  The Camry SX (V6) model comes with a price tag of $37,290, and the Camry SL (V6) is priced little higher than other and comes with a price tag of $43,990.




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